Specials and menu items are available
for pick up or delivery 7 days a week!

We cook to order, so please place orders 24 hours in advance whenever possible.
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(FEEDS 8) $37.99

2 pounds of pulled pork
1 qt of Cole slaw
1 qt of baked beans
1 8 pack of buns
1 pint of BBQ sauce

(Feeds 8) $55.99

2 pounds of pulled pork or

smoked chicken
1 qt of baked beans or green beans
1 qt of Cole slaw
½ pint of hot slaw
1 qt mac and cheese or potato salad
1 8 pack of buns
1 bottle of BBQ sauce
½ pan of banana pudding
1 gallon of tea or lemonade
Disposable dinnerware for 8

1 pound of meat=4 servings
1 pint = 4 servings
1 quart = 8 servings
1 pan = 20 servings 

Menu for take out or delivery
Pulled Pork per lb $10.49
​Smoked Chicken per lb $10.99
Beef Brisket per lb $13.49
Bacon Wrapped Chicken-on-a-stick 4/$19.99
Full rack of spareribs tips included $18.99 
Smoked bacon wrapped chicken salad per lb $10.99

Sides:  $3.99 per pint $6.99 per quart

$18.99 per pan:
Southern style green beans
Mixed greens
Creamy Cole slaw
TN Valley Hot Slaw

Carolina Red Slaw
Baked beans
Potato salad
Mac and cheese
Baked potatoes $1.99
 Pan of banana pudding $18.99
Half pan of banana pudding $9.99
Gallon of sweet or unsweetened tea, lemonade or punch $3.99
​Pint of BBQ sauce $3.99
Quart of BBQ sauce: East Tennessee hot or sweet, Carolina Reaper vinegar base, Alabama White bbq sauce, House blend (whatever Karen creates) $6.99
8 pack of buns $3.99